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The idea of this website is to help inform new parents of parenthood; she noticed that parenting in the online world seemed to feel quite divided into many opinions. The purpose of this site is to share parenting advice, tips, stories and support for all parents.

At Parenttime.net you will find comprehensive, authoritative information on parenting tips on caring for your child/children and more resources on how to become a better parent. We also have resources, tests and blogs written by people with parenting experiences and more.

We strongly believe that a healthy family starts with well informed parents to care properly for their kids.  

And at Parenttime.net, we help bring that to you by providing information, caring for your child/children from experts, as well as everyday people who are going through the same parenting phase.

Unless otherwise noted, the information presented on the Parenttime.net website is produced by writers employed by Parenttime.net. These employees are journalists who specialize in writing health articles and content. They are not doctors, therapists, or medical professionals of any type. Those articles are quoted and referenced from data and information from the healthcare industry and experts.

We feel information is a very powerful tool. With the proper information, you can find out what you, a friend or new parents are dealing with, and then make the appropriate choices for your family.

And with the proper support, you can weather the ups and downs of parenting and move forward to building a healthy and happy family to feel good about.

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